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Camshaft 356 Pre-A 1500S w/o gear wheel

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Camshaft 356 Pre-A 1500S without gear wheel. The gearwheel can be used from the younger type engine. This camshaft is special made for the 2 piece Crankcase with the 28mm axial bearing. This camshaft is not for the Pre-A with the 3 piece crankcase. Made to the original Specifications for the 1500S engine. This camshaft can be used for a 1500N engine. Make sure the compression ratio is at least 8.2:1

lift at cam: 7,45mm
spread: 108°
open at 0,51mm ( cam ): 262°
open at 1,27mm ( cam ): 233°
open at 2,54mm ( cam ): 205°
open at 7,62mm ( cam ): 0
intake opens: 19° before TDC
intake closes: 54° after BDC
outlet opens: 54° before BDC
outlet closes: 19° after TDC

Very High Quality German made Camshaft

FITS ON: 356 Pre-A

Camshaft 356 Pre-A 1500S w/o gear wheel
356 Pre-A
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