Reconstruction Main case 915 gearbox

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Availability: On request

Reconstruction Main case 915 gearbox. This reconstruction we can do with you own gearbox housing. This is complete CNC machined in the gearbox housing. The Insert of the Main Case is made from High quality Alloy. After the insert is installed the bearing seats are line bored to the original specs. Because we have to do this on your own case you have to count with ca 3 weeks time. This reconstruction is also possible for the Final Drive. For more information please sen us a mail to workshop@speedco.nl. More pictures on our website www.speedco.nl/project/915-gearbox-case-rebuild/

Made in Holland by Speedco

FITS ON: 915 Gearbox

Reconstruction Main case 915 gearbox
915 Gearbox
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